Rocket Radio

Rocket Radio

The story is set at an age when music has become intergalactic. Each planet in the Solar system has a defined musical genre. As radio stations across planets resonate and pirate spaceships broadcast illegal streaming signals, Earth music loses its identity and popularity against music from other planets. This love and hate manifesto about technology is presented through the eyes of one earthling identified by his numerical name of 10 (read “Two”). The character seeks comfort in his thoughts as he is forced by the authorities to leave Earth and crammed in a rocket. As 10 recollects life events, he speculates that his memories have been altered upon listening to the Rocket Radio.

The concept album builds around the themes of science-fiction, isolation, authority and technology.

Religion or conspiracy.
I cannot tell what's meant to be.

An Earthling

Humans lie, emotions tie.
As time goes by, remorses die.

A Jovian

Gizzy Limelight

Gizzy Limelight

The tale of Gizzy Limelight is the story of an antihero that strives to become a rock icon but eventually fails due to his inability to stay true to himself. His conviction to metamorphose manifests in delusion and drug usage that will eventually consume him to death as he struggles to battle against his shadow. As Gizzy’s life unfolds, he hardly steps into the limelight, lonesome and stranded in his own mind’s creations.

The concept album builds around the themes of identity, stardom, depression and love.

"All night and day, hard working," they say.
"Brilliant today, a phenomenon someday."

The Light

He's an anti-star, a false hope by far.
He's an anti-hero, all around zero.