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  • 10 (Two) or the Rocket Radio

    31 January 2016 in News -

    After a nine month hiatus, I am proud to announce a new project I’ve been working on during this time. A double album titled 10 (read “Two”) that promises enchanting music narrating the adventures of a new protagonist sent into space. The story is set at an age when music has become intergalactic. Each planet in the Solar system has a defined musical genre. As radio stations across planets resonate and pirate spaceships broadcast illegal streaming signals, Earth music loses its identity and popularity against music from other planets.


  • Through the Sextant of the Sailing Ark

    10 May 2015 in News -

    Now is a good time to reflect on the current position of this journey. The Ark lifted its anchor about three months ago and here I am, still navigating through the troubled waves of the sea.


  • Timeless Masterpieces of Classic Rock: Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs

    03 May 2015 in Heroes -

    The one and only album by Derek and the Dominos. The epitome of Derek’s multi-facetted musical character yet featuring him during one of his darkest times. None of his previous bands did seem to fulfill his creative inspiration until then.


  • Forgotten Gems of Rock and Roll: Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake

    26 April 2015 in Heroes -

    If it were not for the Small Faces, I would have never written storytelling segments in my album. I have to give entire recognition to Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake for the idea of a narrative parallel in Gizzy Limelight.


  • Forgotten Gems of Rock and Roll: Something/Anything?

    19 April 2015 in Heroes -

    As you listen to modern music repeatedly in coffee shops, you start to develop this supernatural ability to discern music recorded on analog tape and music captured digitally. Maybe not as useful of an ability as flying or shooting fireballs but definitely rewarding when you discover a new artist via this technique.