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  • Forgotten Gems of Rock and Roll: Madman Across the Water

    28 February 2016 in Heroes -

    Madman Across the Water holds a special place in my heart. “Tiny Dancer” was the first song I ever learned to sing and I remember the falsettos in the choruses being very hard to tame. Especially knowing that Sir Elton John reaches them full voice. Even though this single is very well-known, I find it unfortunate that Madman remains one of John’s least-known albums.


  • Forgotten Gems of Rock and Roll: #1 Record

    21 February 2016 in Heroes -

    One cannot talk about power pop without mentioning their name. By now you probably would have heard of a band called Big Star, but in 1972 it was far from the case. #1 Record was headed for its eponymous place in music history but no one had predicted it to be four decades later. The debut album by Big Star was a commercial failure at the time although, for the reasons I will cite later, the record was ahead of its time.


  • Pioneers of a New Generation: Technicolor

    14 February 2016 in Misc -

    I’d like to take the time to review my friend Leo Vincent’s new album Technicolor, in which I contribute very lightly on its last track as a singer. I believe him to be a very talented songwriter and therefore cannot miss this chance to praise his unbelievable work.


  • DIY in the Studio: Acoustic Panels, Monitor Stands and a Pedalboard

    07 February 2016 in Gear -

    In a constant quest to ameliorate my recordings, I’ve realized that I was missing a most fundamental element that is a sound-treated recording environment. So I decided to build my own acoustic absorption panels and in the same DIY run, two monitor stands and a pedalboard. I will go through my process step-by-step in case anyone decides to do the same. All I can say is that it is way cheaper to buy the materials to make it yourself than buying pre-made sponges to stick on the walls.