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26 February 2017 in News -

Thinking Inside the Box on YouTube.

Channel Trailer on YouTube.

A recent colleague of mine while working at the Apple Store reminded me of a very important aspect of life that I often took as granted. The notion that time can be relative to one’s way of spending it, that achievement is synonymous to living longer. He said: “Whatever you want to do in the future, just do it now. I can die tomorrow without regret, because I know I have already achieved what I wanted to do with my life”.

A similar philosophy was suggested by my childhood friend Thomas and his fellows at Yes Theory, a YouTube channel focusing on seeking discomfort on a daily basis and achieving things that you would never have done otherwise. We, as human beings, feel safer in our daily routine but it also traps us into leading a boring life without any ups and downs. The truth is, there are no ups without downs.

A similar inspiring example is the story of another friend, Yugo and his channel Yugo Sans Tabou. After the untimely diagnosis of a rare form of bone cancer, he decided to share his battle through the illness on a series of amusing short videos. But the important part for me is the message he conveys at the end of his series, the notion that we often forget how important and granted we take the banal things of life such as walking, eating and drinking, and that if we wish to do something, to do it now.

When I finished working at Apple, I had the sudden urge of making videos, of sharing some of my knowledge to the world and most of all, having a shot at having a creative and independent self-sustainable lifestyle as an artist and musician. I took the loss of a job as a positive opportunity to focus only on what I wished to achieve.

This is where the introduction of my new YouTube channel comes in. Every week, I plan to release videos merging discussions on classic records along with product demos and explanations of old school production techniques. However, the focus will be to understand how to achieve them in the modern production model of our day and age.

Stay tuned for the release of my first video and I invite you to subscribe if you’ve enjoyed it. See you next time!

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