Prologue of a New Tale

08 February 2015 in News -

Typewriter and books, the source of all inspirations.

This week, the website was published as a portal for my new musical endeavors. The Ark has finally lifted its anchor and a new chapter begins.

The past three months, I have been focusing on Gizzy Limelight, a concept album that I wrote, produced and recorded all by myself at home. Although the available tracks are only serving a demo purpose at the moment, the project is bound to evolve into a bigger production.

This is the reason why I am currently open for suggestions and contributors. Mainly seeking for a producer to record in the studio and musicians with whom I could perform this story live. If you’re reading this and feel that you could contribute, feel free to contact me.

The Ark Blog will feature a new post every week on behind the scenes and the making of the album with insights on what makes it so special. You will also be able to find information on musicians that I admire and that influenced my writing process. So stay tuned for the next article and thanks for visiting! This is only the beginning of a revolution…

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