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  • 10 (Two) or the Rocket Radio

    31 January 2016 in News -

    After a nine month hiatus, I am proud to announce a new project I’ve been working on during this time. A double album titled 10 (read “Two”) that promises enchanting music narrating the adventures of a new protagonist sent into space. The story is set at an age when music has become intergalactic. Each planet in the Solar system has a defined musical genre. As radio stations across planets resonate and pirate spaceships broadcast illegal streaming signals, Earth music loses its identity and popularity against music from other planets.


  • Through the Sextant of the Sailing Ark

    10 May 2015 in News -

    Now is a good time to reflect on the current position of this journey. The Ark lifted its anchor about three months ago and here I am, still navigating through the troubled waves of the sea.


  • Prologue of a New Tale

    08 February 2015 in News -

    This week, the website was published as a portal for my new musical endeavors. The Ark has finally lifted its anchor and a new chapter begins.