How to Recreate David Gilmour's Seagull Guitar Sound - YouTube

02 September 2018 in Motion -

Thinking Outside the Box on YouTube.

David Gilmour’s Seagull Guitar on YouTube.

Hi, welcome to an episode of “Thinking Outside the Box” on Noah’s Ark. In the video, we’re gonna talk about how to recreate David Gilmour’s seagull guitar sound as heard on Pink Floyd’s Echoes.

So how did Gilmour come up with this effect? Well the story says that it came from an accident where Gilmour’s guitar technician plugged the wah pedal in reverse and the guitar started producing this sound magically.

Soon enough, David started to harness the possibilities of the sound and learned how to control it. Basically by connecting the guitar signal to the out and the in of the pedal to the amplifier, you can produce this seagull type of sound and modulate the pitch and amplitude using the tone knob of the guitar.

However, this technique has limitations in our day and age because most recent wah pedals are manufactured using true bypass and this only works because of the buffered circuit in original wah pedals manufactured back in the days.

If you plug a true bypass pedal in reverse, it just cuts the signal completely and unfortunately my wah pedal is a true bypass. So I tried to plug other buffered pedals in reverse to see if I can produce similar sounds.

To find out more about David Gilmour’s seagull guitar sound, you can watch the video above or on YouTube here.

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