How to Recreate Mick Ronson's Wah Guitar Sound - YouTube

26 August 2018 in Motion -

Thinking Outside the Box on YouTube.

Mick Ronson’s Wah Guitar on YouTube.

Hi, welcome to an episode of “Thinking Outside the Box” on Noah’s Ark. In the video, we’re gonna talk about how to recreate Mick Ronson’s wah guitar sound on David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust.

Have you noticed how Ronson’s guitar sound had this piercing quality to it? Mick describes his guitar tone in an interview where he uses a wah-wah pedal in an unconventional way. Typically a wah pedal is used dynamically with the foot to produce LPF sweeps at the player’s convenience.

However, Ronson’s sound comes from setting the wah in a sweet spot of his choice and leaving this setting for the rest of the session. This effectively acts as an EQ where the highs are cut-off up to a certain target frequency where the resonance of the filter kicks in and boosts the frequency considerably.

This is why it produces a very focused sound around that target frequency producing this piercing quality to it that defines the Ziggy Stardust record.

To find out more about Mick Ronson’s wah guitar sound, you can watch the video above or on YouTube here.

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