How to Recreate AC/DC's Fat Snare Drum Sound - YouTube

08 July 2018 in Motion -

Thinking Inside the Box on YouTube.

AC/DC’s Fat Snare Drum on YouTube.

Hi, welcome to an episode of “Thinking Inside the Box” on Noah’s Ark. In the video, we’re gonna talk about how to recreate AC/DC’s fat snare sound or more generally how to make a thin snare sound bigger.

This technique was famously used by engineer Tony Platt during the recording of Phil Rudd’s drum kit on Back in Black. It is well-known that Platt used the Eventide H910 Harmonizer to pitch down the sound of the snare drum to make it sound fatter.

Another well-known use of the Harmonizer was on David Bowie’s Low where producer Tony Visconti used a similar method to change the snare drum sound a few years prior to Back in Black.

It’s hard to hear the pitch shifting on the AC/DC record unless someone told you that the harmonizer was used but the dry sound of the snare was probably blended with the pitch shifted version to produce a natural sound.

To find out more about AC/DC’s fat snare drum sound, you can watch the video above or on YouTube here.

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