Open Letter to Pete Townshend

05 April 2015 in Misc -

Vinyls of records by The Who with songs written by Pete Townshend.

Dear Mr Townshend,

I am only twenty-two years old and still have a lot to experience in my life. My name is Noah and I just finished reading your autobiography Who I Am. I cannot tell you how much you have influenced me as a musician/songwriter but above all, how much impact you will have in my musical career from now on.

My first encounter to The Who universe was thanks to my drum teacher. She came back one day from India, to teach us the rhythmic system used there, but most importantly she told us that we were going to play Tommy for the year-end concert. I was assigned the drum part of “Amazing Journey”. This was truly the beginning of an amazing journey of discovery that lead me to appreciate classic rock and rock operas for life.

In fact, the reason why I am writing this letter to you is not so much for the fact that your memoir was one of the most inspirational piece of work I have ever read, but to share with you that your songwriting has pushed me to write a concept album myself called Gizzy Limelight and his Stranded Rock n’ Roll Jams.

Ever since I discovered the Lifehouse and the existence of home-crafted demos of yours, I listen repeatedly to them in awe and in hopes that someday my demos will even get the slightest close to yours in quality. As a matter of fact, I am a multi-instrumentalist myself and sometimes the fear of sharing my own personal work to the world and collaborating with people can be difficult to accept.

As much as humans try to be altruistic, one’s egotistic nature prevails. Eventually, the artist yearns to control all aspects of his creation by deliberately making it exclusively his own and by the same act, obliterates the potential of additional perspectives from collaborators.

Hence the following question, how does one share art in a manner such that the public augments its value? Can the audience and the artist ever become a single entity?

Yours Sincerely,

Noah’s Ark

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