Open Letter to Glyn Johns

29 March 2015 in Misc -

Vinyls of records produced, engineered and/or mixed by Glyn Johns.

Dear Mr Johns,

My name is Noah and I recently read your autobiography Sound Man. I am only twenty-two years old but I realized that a quarter of my favorite albums on my vinyl record shelf were either engineered, mixed or produced by you. I cannot express enough how much your work has shaped my musical interests and influences as well as my goals in life.

This letter is not so much to complement you for the book in itself but rather an attempt to share with you my musical project, though, I cannot say that I did not enjoy reading your book. In fact, I read it in three days and could not put it down but as a musician and engineer myself, I was hoping to get some more explanation on specific studio techniques that you used throughout your career.

I just finished writing a rock concept album Gizzy Limelight and his Stranded Rock n’ Roll Jams and I believe you would be the perfect engineer to shape the sound I am seeking for. I do realize this is an extremely long shot from my part and I do not have the slightest guarantee that you will ever read, open or even receive this letter. However, I do think that we may share a similar view on the music industry even though we did not grow up in the same generation at all.

What is dreadful today is that more and more music require less and less of the wonderful work of sound engineers, session musicians, producers and studios. We seem to have lost that genuine sound decades ago with the digital revolution and the disappearance of tape, vinyl records and all-in-all the concept of an album.

I believe you mention towards the end of the book that the music industry has gone full circle and that the teenagers of today might come up with something. I believe I can truly contribute to this movement of revival.

Yours Sincerely,

Noah’s Ark

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