What's That Thing: Weird Studio Hacks I Confected

15 March 2015 in Gear -

Mixing in the Ark studio.

As a DIY studio musician, I inevitably feel this need to create contraptions that will make my recording workflow easier but also at the same time help my wallet. I present to you some ridiculous confections that I make use daily.

The Umbrella Booth:

Umbrella Booth

The umbrella booth contraption in the Ark studio.

A variation from the well-known blanket trick is this substitution with an umbrella. I figured that maybe I could find some object that would fulfill the same wave absorption properties with the addition of being lighter. It doesn’t stop the vibrations as well as the blanket but it’s a good compromise for a home studio vocal booth. Combine it with the actual blanket and you’re all set! Beware of an imminent collapse…

The Storage Stand:

Storage Stand

The storage stand contraption in the Ark studio.

I needed a stand for my keyboard and lap steel but as you might know, these are quite expensive. So I just took my storage crates, stacked them up, and voilà. A two-in-one functional object with one small drawback: limited leg room. Oh well…

The Cable Clothes Rack:

Cable Clothes Rack

The cable clothes rack contraption in the Ark studio.

Got tons of cables? Got tons of clothes hangers? Then this trick might keep your home studio clean (provided you tie your cables properly). Just insert the hook of the hanger in the cable hole and hang it. That’s it.

If you have other studio DIY hacks to share, feel free to comment below!

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