Gear Posts

  • DIY in the Studio: Acoustic Panels, Monitor Stands and a Pedalboard

    07 February 2016 in Gear -

    In a constant quest to ameliorate my recordings, I’ve realized that I was missing a most fundamental element that is a sound-treated recording environment. So I decided to build my own acoustic absorption panels and in the same DIY run, two monitor stands and a pedalboard. I will go through my process step-by-step in case anyone decides to do the same. All I can say is that it is way cheaper to buy the materials to make it yourself than buying pre-made sponges to stick on the walls.


  • What's That Sound: Special Recording Effects I Use in the Studio

    22 March 2015 in Gear -

    I’d like to analyze some of the effects I used in my songs for my first album demos and share those with whom might be interested. These effects are mainly decorative and do not involve proper mixing techniques but are rather used to support my artistic direction. They color the songs but do not enhance them professionally speaking.


  • What's That Thing: Weird Studio Hacks I Confected

    15 March 2015 in Gear -

    As a DIY studio musician, I inevitably feel this need to create contraptions that will make my recording workflow easier but also at the same time help my wallet. I present to you some ridiculous confections that I make use daily.


  • One-Man Band: How to Record Solo Demos at Home

    22 February 2015 in Gear -

    First off, I’d like to mention that I entirely wrote, recorded and produced my first demos alone at home. Therefore, I believe I have a few comments to share with people out there, like me, that are one-man bands of the studio: essentially multi-instrumentalists that have a precise goal of becoming a single musical entity on recorded material.